About Us:

At Gymnificent.com I am dedicated to answering the questions that most fitness beginners tend to ask on their new lifestyle journey about how to use certain gym equipment. As a workout and gym enthusiasts I’m always learning new things about the use of gym equipment and how to utilize it to strengthen my physical being. Although exercise is just one piece of the puzzle to getting fit and in being in shape the most important part is nutrition.

The Goal:

The goal of this site is to briefly go over gym equipment and give examples on how it can be used to perform various exercises. My main concern is that you are able to use each and every piece of equipment safely and not injure yourself. So many of us go into this new life thinking we are helping our bodies when in actuality we are damaging our bodies in the long run.

Over the years I have performed and completed hundreds of exercises and workout programs, some being the popularly marketed programs such as Beachbody’s Insanity, T25, P90x, etc., as well as hundreds of hours of different workout routines and regiments in the gym. Whenever there is something new or supposedly ‘ground breaking’ I’m the guy that will put it to the test and try it out if it seems to be safe and within reason. I no longer believe in killing myself to get results because I have also learned over the years that it’s not necessary.

My name is F. Spahn and I hope you enjoy the site and help it to grow by commenting, sharing, and leaving feedback. If there is anything you would like be covered please feel free to let me know!