The Calf Machine – A Guide On How To Use One and Get Results.

Do you want stronger and better looking calves? Well then you need to be using the calf machine.

calf machine

What is a calf machine?

A machine that is used to raise or extend the calf muscles causing them to contract, therefore, isolating the muscle as you exercise them.

 For an example of  how to use a calf machine watch the video below: 

What muscles are targeted when using a calf machine?

The calf muscles – this muscle is typically a trouble area to build and work out for a lot of people but doing calf raises and extensions will be the best way for you to work these muscles.

Types of calf machines:
Seated Calf Raise Seated Calf Extension Standing Calf Raise
 seated calf raise  Seated-Calf-Extension  standing calf raise

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What are the benefits of using a calf machine?

  • You can target the calf muscle laterally and unilaterally.
  • Isolates the calf muscle and gives you the ability to solely target this muscle.
  • Develops strength and size.

Are calf machines safe?

Yes. I really can’t think of any downside or negative aspects to using a calf machine. If you’ve experienced anything wrong using one please let me know.

Final thoughts.

If you want to focus on building and strengthening your calves you can start using this machine and mixing it into your workouts. Whenever I’m doing leg day I always do a set on the calf machine, I mix in all three machines on different leg days, to solely focus my calves. If you are struggling with small or weak calves then I would recommend using this machine along with the proper nutrition to get results.

Give one of these machines a try the next time your working on your legs and after time you’ll be happy you did!

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