What Are The Best Deadlift Shoes That You Can Get?

In this post we’ll talk about what deadlift shoes are and why you can benefit from wearing them when working out your legs and doing dead lifts.

deadlift shoes

What are deadlift shoes?

Shoes that are designed to have a flatter positioned foot, mainly your heal, while doing squats or dead lifts.

 For an example on what deadlift shoes are watch the video below: 

Why you might consider wearing deadlift shoes?

If you’re into power lifting then this may be a reason to consider a pair. The thinking behind wearing these shoes is that you’ll have a flatter foot and heal and be less like to lean forward during your lifts giving you a more concentrated and targeted lift. You will also have more stability and less chance of your ankles wobbling because of too much cushioning.

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What are the benefits of wearing deadlift shoes?

  • Better positioned footing with the heal.
  • Ability to perform better lifts.
  • Less likely to lean forward when finishing your lift.
  • Eliminates wobbling your ankles might have over standard shoe cushioning.

Are there alternatives to wearing deadlift shoes?

  1. A popular alternative to deadlift shoes is the classic Converse Chuck Taylor shoe. A lot of people simply bypass buying deadlift shoes because they can be expensive and just wear Chucks as an alternative. It may be because they already have a pair laying around or because they’re cheaper.
  2. Another alternative you see hardcore lifters doing is just going barefoot. The reason for this is because they claim you get a naturally positioned foot in its most anatomical form and this gets you closest to the ground.

Are deadlift shoes safe?

Yes. I can’t think of anything negative about wearing deadlift shoes. The only thing that might be unsafe about them is how ugly they are! Deadlift shoes are hideous! But this isn’t a fashion show so you should be good…

Final thoughts.

Although I love doing dead lifts, I’ll probably try out and stick to a pair of Chucks if I ever become that concerned about my footing. I’ve done dead lifts in running shoes, (yes, I’m guilty) and think I’ll toss on the Chucks from now on to get a flatter stance on my dead lifting and leg days. If you’re more focused on power lifting then I don’t see the harm of getting a pair of dead lift shoes to better your performance.

Besides, if you’re an aspiring power lifter I don’t think the other power lifters are going to take you serious if you show up to train in running shoes. So just go get a pair of deadlift shoes and call it a day!

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