What Are The Best Deadlift Straps And When Should You Use Them?

In this post we’ll talk about what deadlift straps are and why you can benefit from wearing them and maximize your lifts.

deadlift straps

What are deadlift straps?

Deadlift straps are weight lifting straps that are looped within themselves then placed around your wrists to provide support, grip, and stability when doing dead lifts or lifting heavy amounts of weight.

They are used mainly for the purposes of minimizing fatigue on the wrists and forearms as well as providing better grip giving the weight lifter the ability to focus on the actual lift and not have to worry about losing the rep due to wrist and arm fatigue.

 For an example on how to use deadlift straps watch the video below: 

Why you might consider wearing deadlift straps?

If you want to finish those sets without having to worry about your grip slipping or your wrists failing due to fatigue before you can finish your reps than you might want to consider wearing deadlift straps.

If you’ve ever done deadlifts than you’ve probably experienced losing your grip, wrists failure, or forearm fatigue before you can finish your reps. This is a good way to combat that and get the most out of your lifts.

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What are the benefits of using deadlift straps?

  • Better grip for lifting heavier weight.
  • Supports wrist stability.
  • Relieves forearms from having to over-compensate because of fatigue.

Are deadlift straps safe?

Yes. As long as you are wearing the straps correct you will be free from injury or strains.

Final thoughts.

Deadlifts are no punk! Although I typically can perform deadlifts without the straps, I will say this, you can definitely feel how much easier you can do your lifts with the straps on. Due to the fact that they take a lot of the focus off of your wrists and losing your grip, you can focus on the lift itself. I love these straps!

So, if you’re experiencing some of the fatigue or gripping problems described in this article I recommend that you pick up a pair and guarantee your problems will be solved so you can get through those reps and finish those sets!

Go get a pair ASAP! Trust me, you won’t regret it!

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