What Is The Best Hex Bar And How Do You Use One?

In this post we’ll talk about the hex bar and how you can implement it into your workout routine with various exercises and for more results.

hex bar


What is a hex bar?

A hex bar is a piece of gym equipment that can be used by placing bumper plates (weights) on each end and lifting it to perform various exercises. It’s name derives from the shape of a hexagon, hence, why it is known as a hex bar. Common exercises performed with a hex bar are shoulder shrugs, dead lifts, and the farmers walk, but it is it not limited to just those few.

 For an example of  how to use a hex bar watch the video below: 

What muscles are targeted when using a hex bar?

All muscles can be targeted when using a hex bar. There are multiple exercises that you can perform when using this piece of equipment.

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What are the benefits of using a hex bar?

  • You have the ability to do a safer dead lift.
  • Can perform shoulder shrugs and work the traps .
  • The ability to do the fat burning exercise the farmers walk.

Are hex bars safe?

Yes. As long as you stay within the confounds of caution and common sense when using this bar you will be absolutely safe. To a degree, using this to do dead lifts may be even safer than a regular olympic bar.

Because of the way this bar will inherently position your lifting stance you will be less likely to strain or blow your lower back out back when performing exercises.

Final thoughts.

I remember the first time I saw one of these in the gym and a guy was doing shoulder shrugs with one, I thought to myself, ‘I guess that’s for doing shoulder shrugs’. I went home that day and did some research on it and was pleasantly surprised with the other things that you can do with this piece of equipment. Needless to say, I use it whenever I can now and love it! If you’ve never used one then you have to try it out. Trust me, you’ll be happy you did!

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