What Is The Best Pull Up Bar For The Money?

In this post we’ll talk about the pull up bar and how you can implement it into your workout routine for more results.

pull up bar


What is a pull up bar?

Come on bro!? You don’t know what a pullup bar is?? 

Just kidding, it’s a bar designed to do pull ups and chin ups that work on arm, shoulder, and back strength.

 For an example of  how to use a pull up bar watch the video below: 

  The video above shows some pretty advanced pull up variations that will take some practice and effort to do.  

What muscles are targeted when using a pull up bar?

Arms, shoulders, back, and abs are the primary muscles targeted when using a pull up bar.

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Main Types Of Pull Ups:
Wide Grip Neutral Grip Chin Up
wide grip pull up neutral grip pull up chin up

What are the benefits of using a pull up bar?

  • Ability to strengthen arms and shoulders.
  • Will strengthen lats when doing wide grip pull ups.
  • Abs can also be targeted and strengthened.

Are they safe?

Yes. As long as you stay within the confounds of caution and common sense you will be fine when doing pull ups. If you have no injuries you should be fine, that is if you can even do a pull up, most people can’t at first.

Final thoughts.

I personally love doing these exercises and mixing these into my workouts. I like to throw these in at the end as finishers and do as many as I can until failure. If you’re not doing pull ups in your workouts then I would recommend trying to at least practice doing these for strength. All in all, this is a great strength and muscle builder!

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