What Is The Best Smith Machine and How Do You Use It?

In this article we discuss the ever so controversial Smith Machine and how you can use it to get great results with your workout routines.

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What is a Smith Machine?

A smith machine is a piece of gym equipment that is designed to give you an assisted range of workout for exercises. Although gym heads would argue against whether it is worth using or not it definitely has it’s place if used properly.

 For an example of  how to use a smith machine watch the video below. 

What muscles are targeted?

The main exercises that are typically performed on a smith machine are squats and bench presses, so that means your legs, chest, and arms are  the primary muscles targeted when using this machine.

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What are the benefits of using a smith machine?

If you are looking to lift heavier and don’t have a spotter than this can be a perfect workaround to priming yourself for heavier weight.

You’ve probably heard or read some negative chit-chat about using the smith machine before, but in all honesty this machine has it’s benefits and can assist you to further your workout given you already have a solid foundation with free weights.

Watch Jay Cutler doing front squats using the smith machine. 

Are smith machines safe?

These machines are actually way more safe than trying to squat or bench press heavier weight by yourself. Now, that’s not to say to never use free weights.

Of course you should use free weights to strengthen your body’s natural balance, but the smith machine can help by putting you into a range of motion that you otherwise couldn’t perform on your own.

Final thoughts.

I first started using the smith machine because I wanted to lift heavier but didn’t have a spot and have since implemented it into my routine. I also like the ability to be able to put my feet out further in front and lean my upper body back at an angle that gives me the ability to do a hack squat with less pressure on my knees.

Yeah, you’ll hear ego lifters talk sh*t about this particular machine and yeah, you should still lift free weights for strength and natural balance, I’m not debating that. But, the machine certainly has it’s place and more benefits then people want to give it credit for and if world re-known body builder Jay Cutler used it then I think that alone speaks for itself.

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