The STrong Knee Sleeves Review For Those Who Squat Big!

strong knee sleevesIn this review we’ll go over the STrong knee sleeves by Sling Shot and also a little bit of detail about the creator and founder Mark Bell.

Knee sleeves are nothing new in the world of weight lifting and power lifting. These sleeves were designed to provide extra support and reduce the chance of injury while lifting.

You will see the knee sleeve is mainly used for squats, the snatch, the clean and jerk, and even leg presses.

One of the main reasons lifters use these sleeves is because the weight typically being lifted can be extremely heavy and extra support provides a way to reduce injury and can also provide compression for recovery.

You’ve probably seen these in pictures or videos across the net or maybe even seen a guy at your gym wearing these.

If you weren’t familiar with knee sleeves then I hope this gives you a good idea of what they’re for now.

Now, let’s get into the good stuff…

Why STrong Knee Sleeves:

A look at the features below should be a good enough reason as to why you want to own a pair of these knee sleeves.

They have Level 3 neoprene, so in terms of their products strength it is their strongest level of neoprene.

The sleeve gives off their signature Sling Shot effect giving you the ability to lift up to an extra 20 – 50 lbs. for more gains.

It is 7mm thick and still has a light weight feel and comfortable fit and at the same time is secure for heavier lifts and also prevents knee movement.


  • Level 3 neoprene.
  • Provides a Sling Shot effect for extra weight.
  • Use during heavy lifts for max results and support.
  • Stiff, secure, preventing any movement.
  • Light weight feel and comfortable fit.
  • 7mm thick.

Do you really need knee sleeves?

It all depends on what you’re trying to achieve. If you’re getting in power lifting or just want to lift heavier then knee sleeves are a great way to reduce injury.

In addition to reducing injury you will also be providing your knees some extra support and stability and be able to pump out a few heavier lifts.

Do you really need knee sleeves? No.

But, they are some definite benefits of using a knee sleeve. I personally have used these and I did notice a drop in my knee pain when doing squats. If you get the right pair you can notice the difference and that’s the truth!

Slingshot vs STrong knee sleeves:

Reactive Sling Shot: STrong Knee Sleeves:

I noticed there seemed to be some confusion between the two when doing searches in Google. If you’re new to these you may have got caught in the confusion.

As you can see, the two are completely different products in whole. The one on the left is the Reactive Sling Shot and to the right are the STrong knee sleeves.

The Sling Shot was designed to help achieve proper form for bench pressing and push ups while training.

The STrong knee sleeves are designed for knee support and leg lifts. Two completely different product and muscle target areas.

Hopefully that clears up any confusion…

What colors do STrong knee sleeves come in?

The available colors are currently black, red, and blue as you can see below. So you’ll have a few color choices to suit your preference and be able to lift in style.

strong knee sleeves

When should I use STrong knee sleeves?

If you decide to go ahead with the STrong knee sleeves then you really want to use them when your doing squats, the snatch, the clean and jerk, and even leg presses as stated earlier.

These types of lifts can be extremely heavy and load bearing on your knees. Improper form and lack of support can destroy your knees especially if you’re new to the weight lifting world.

It’s great to get in shape but it would be even more discouraging if you were to injure yourself while trying to train and get into shape.

Are these for power lifting only?

If you have spent any amount of time looking into knee sleeves then you’ve probably seen a lot of power lifters using these.

These knee sleeves are’t limited to power lifters only but to anybody that intends to lift heavier amounts of weight while working out legs.

The intent here is to protect and secure your knees as much as possible and at the same time maximize your lifts for gains. You don’t have to be a power lifter to where knee sleeves…

Are STrong knee sleeves worth the investment?

Any amount of security and support to save your knees is worth the investment in my opinion. You should also keep in mind that even with knee sleeves if you have improper form than wearing knee sleeves is really defeating the purpose.

Always work on correct form when doing any exercise or workout! This is a crucial piece to the puzzle of lifting.

Improper form risks destroying and injuring any part of your body so always work on the proper technique and form…

Who is Mark Bell?

Mark Bell is the creator of the Sling Shot Brand which produces weight lifting training equipment. He is a world and american record holding power lifter and also owns the Super Training Gym.

He has an extensive Youtube following and publishes a national fitness magazine and podcast. He is also a coach, fitness expert, and entrepreneur.

Did I mention he’s also a former pro wrestler? Pretty impressive I would say…

Buy the STrong Knee Sleeves at

strong knee sleeves

Final thoughts:

Knee sleeves are definitely a good investment if you’re going for the heavy lifts. If you’re new to the world of lifting then these might not be needed until you work your way into squatting heavier loads.

As far as the STrong knee sleeves go I noticed there were a lot of good customer reviews on Amazon which always a good sign when looking into customer product reviews. was averaging at about half and half for these knee sleeves. What I do like about the knee sleeves is how durable they are.

Now the rest is up to you….

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