What Upper Chest Workout At Home Can You Do For Gains

Upper Chest Workout At HomeIf you’re looking for an upper chest workout at home that can be done without investing $1000’s of dollars then just know there are plenty of options to gain chest muscle or simply just workout the pec muscles.

Let’s assume you have no dumbbells or weights, which is probably how you came across this article.

Maybe a gym membership isn’t for you, it’s too crowded, cost too much, you work long hours (like me), or the commute just isn’t worth it.

There’s a lot of reasons why you would want to learn how to do an upper chest workout at home and I don’t blame you. Honestly, you should learn different variations of as many exercises as you can. It just makes it better. Trust me!

But let me get back on track here and try to pick up where I left off… To work your upper chest at home you can use your own body weight and do the classic ‘Push Up’.

You can simply do push up variations to build the upper chest, but I’m guessing you really want to zone in and target the upper chest like the title of this article implies?

In that case you can simply do decline push ups. Decline push ups can be done simply by putting your feet above ground while your hands are still on the ground creating a decline. See the video below for an example:

Chest workout at home with dumbbells:

You can up the ante a little bit if you have a set of dumbbells at your house for your upper chest workout at home. Most of the time you think of doing chest dumbbell flys or dumbbell chest presses on a workout bench but…

What if you don’t have a workout bench?

Did you know that you can simply lay on the ground with a pair of dumbbells, place your arms up as if you were lifting on a bench with your hands turned either vertical or horizontal and press up and still accomplish the same results as regular dumbbell chest presses and chest flys? Well, now you know…

Sit down bench press machine:

No. You don’t need a sit down bench press machine to do an upper chest workout at home. You can achieve a great workout and actually see gains by doing some of the workouts I mentioned above.

Big chest workout at home:

If you want to go hard and hit a big chest workout while you’re at home then the key is knowing what you’re doing and giving it 110%. I can’t stress this enough outside of nutrition.

Consistency + nutrition + results.

Should you do a chest and back workout on the same day:

If you’re splitting your workouts and targeting different muscles on different days then it really doesn’t matter if you do a chest and back workout on the same day…

It really all depends on what you’re doing and your pain tolerance. If you haven’t worked out in 10 years then a chest and back workout is literally going to leave your upper body in agony.

Again… it all depends.

Lower chest workout at home:

If you’re looking to get a lower chest workout at home then you can do the opposite of a decline push up and go for the incline push up. The incline push up can be done by leaving your feet on the ground and placing your hands on a higher surface like a chair and performing a push up.

It’s really that simple.

If you want to build muscle then the key here is to go until failure. That means do as many push ups as you can until you can’t do anymore. What this does is activates deeper muscle fibers causing them to grow. Keep in mind though, you have to fuel your body properly in order to see the gains that you truly desire.

Final Thoughts:

As you can see, an upper chest workout at home can be done in different ways. This article is just a scratch on the surface of what you can actually do and achieve with home workouts.

You don’t have to go the gym to workout. You don’t even have to buy the Total Gym to workout. If your an aspiring body builder then yes, you should probably train at a gym because of the state of the art gym equipment that can be used for the best results. But that’s for competition.

If you want to learn how to workout at home and also at the gym then you must master the art of knowledge, nutrition, and consistency. These are the founding principles to any level of success in any form of fitness.

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