Weight Lifting Straps – A Guide On How To Use Them.

If your looking for information on how to use weight lifting straps then you’ve come to the right place.

weight lifting straps


What are weight lifting straps?

These are straps that are generally used when lifting heavier amounts of weights. Most of the time you see people using these when they are doing dead lifts or bent over rows but that doesn’t mean they can’t be used to do other weight lifting exercises.

 For an example of  how to use weight lifting straps watch the video below: 

What muscles are targeted when using weight lifting straps?

Generally speaking you are not targeting muscles with the straps themselves but using the straps provide gripping support when lifting heavier weight. If you’ve ever done a heavier set of dead lifts then you’ve probably experienced forearm fatigue that happens when you are getting down to your last reps.

What happens here is your arms tire out before your other muscles because of the load of the weight. Thats when it may be a good idea to use a pair of weight lifting straps so you can finish your sets and get maximum results.

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What are the benefits of using weight lifting straps?

  • Alleviates pain in the wrists while lifting.
  • Combats forearm fatigue so you can finish your sets.
  • Gives you the ability to lift heavier weight without having to endure wrist pain.

Are weight lifting straps safe?

Yes. I really can’t think of any downside to using straps when performing your sets. If you’ve experienced anything then please let me know.

Final thoughts.

I really like using these whenever I am  doing dead lifts or bent over rows because it helps me get to my last set before my arms fatigue out. The wrist and forearm fatigue I would normally feel doing dead lifts or bent over rows without weight lifting straps is virtually gone and gives me the ability to knock out complete sets before my arms fail. If you’re not using these in your workouts and having trouble finishing sets due to arm fatigue then I would say pick up a pair and give them a try.

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